Finding out the Best Facial Treatment in Bangkok and Thailand

Best Facial Treatment in Bangkok

Loft Thai is a boutique Spa & Massage salon based in the heart of Bangkok with a full range of massages such as Thai massage, Oil massage, and anti-aging facials. Our trained and licensed therapists will get you through the journey of all of our packages. With the skill and knowledge of our team, we provide the best facial treatments in the city with the use of unique products and by providing an atmosphere like no other. 

 Facial Treatments provide tons of benefits to the health and beauty of a person. This pampering experience can lead to good skin health which can be beneficial in the long run. At Loft Thai, we have different facial treatment packages that are tailor-made to those looking for specific treatments. Our team can provide consulting to give you advice on which package you should be taking depending on the health of your skin.  

Loft Thai Spa & Massage is also collaborating with an Australian skincare brand called Aesop. Aesop launched their facial treatment back in 2005 that specialized in concentrated doses of vitamins and antioxidants for skin replenishing. Not only do they provide this, but they also offer unique treatments for the concept of balance and stimulation to the skin. Our therapists use these products for our clients to help improve the skin to the face.

Best Facial Treatment in Bangkok

Intensive Facial Treatment

Our intensive facial treatment is a soothing massage treatment that looks to cleanse your skin by first preparing you with a pampering ritual. A general technique of massaging your face and skin lifting is used with Aesop products and ingredients to increase elasticity and firmness.

Golden Facial Treatment

This unique facial treatment is conducted by using a mask of pure 24k gold. This is considered a luxurious and relaxing treatment that goes through the process of cleansing, exfoliation, massage, and two 24k gold masks. The use of gold in facial treatments helps repair oxidation damage and improves aging spots. 24k Gold also helps with blood circulation and elasticity to the skin which can be beneficial in the long term.

Best Facial Treatment in Bangkok

Classic Facial Treatment

Our most common and general package is the classic facial treatment where our therapists pay more attention to dehydrated and sensitive skin. With the classic massage techniques, this treatment will cleanse your skin and prepare you for pampering.

Anti Aging Facial

This is one of the most popular packages to date because of the results that come out from this. With anti-aging facial treatments, you will experience a slow aging process while brightening the skin and reducing wrinkles. The use of unique products and ingredients will help this process go better for all the clients.

Best Facial Treatment in Bangkok

Detox Facial

Detoxing is a treatment that needs to be done often as natural and genuine ingredients are used on the skin. These ingredients will increase your body's heat to improve blood flow which promotes oxygenation to the skin. 

Facial Treatment for Men

This is a unique facial treatment that can be done by our therapist by using Aesops products for men. It is essentially similar to the rest of the treatments but these multi-step will help the skin for mem unclog the pores and deep clean the blackheads. Men are known to not really take care of their skin and are recommended to do so often.

For more information, you can visit our facial treatment page to dive down into the specific packages, and you can also head to our booking page to book a spot for an amazing experience for facial treatments today!