Loft Thai Spa & Beautiful Art by Nisakorn in Bangkok

Art has always been a beautiful form of creativity that can be shared with the world. It's the one form of communication that artists can have with individuals around the world. Different styles, strokes, or colors that are being used display a unique sense of beauty. At Loft Thai, we give opportunities to artists around Thailand to display their talents to our customers. 



In Loft Thai, we believe in the combination of art and wellness in the heart of Bangkok because of the already-known beauty inside the country. We recently showcased a uniquely talented artist named Khun Nisakorn who has mastered the skill and craft of beautiful paintings that speak a calm language that is easily interpreted by customers around the world. We also displayed art coming from a local artist named Thanyarat Apipatrugikorn.



She first started her painting class at a young age but decided the leave the industry for a long time due to personal reasons. It was later on in the future that she realized that the beauty of art couldn't simply escape as it really affected her life personally. She slowly returned to arts and crafts with simple classic paintings that really allowed people to read the nature of her paintings through the eyes and heart.


 The loft Thai Spa & Massage Art Gallery space is built to give artists opportunities to display their imagination through creativity and art. This aspect blends well with the spa at Loft Thai as the atmosphere breathes beauty and calmness with gives the art a strong meaning for all customers that come into the Spa.