Benefits of Couple Massages in Bangkok and Thailand

Benefits of Couple Massages in Bangkok

Massages have always been a form of activity that individuals look for after a long day at work or as a leisure activity. Here in Bangkok, whatever road you take, you are very likely to encounter a massage parlor or a boutique massage & spa parlor. It is actually a common activity in Bangkok to experience a Thai massage at the street parlors or at a boutique parlor.

For couples, this is something that should be experienced at least once and is actually a recurring activity for couples. Here you can find some benefits of receiving a couple of massages in Bangkok.

 Benefits of Couple Massages in Bangkok



When it comes to Bangkok and its products and services, the prices are never too high. Although a lot of parlors and stores target foreigners, you can find the prices at an average to low pricing. When it also comes to going into a boutique massage & spa parlor, the prices are at affordable price with the addition of receiving a massage from a licensed and trained therapist. Pricing will never be an issue when it comes to receiving a massage in Bangkok.

 Benefits of Couple Massages in Bangkok


As mentioned a while ago, you can find a massage parlor everywhere you go! In Thailand, there are roads that go everywhere and in each district, it is likely that a massage parlor will exist in there. This is why receiving a Thai massage is very common in Thailand as it is easily accessible for tourists and locals.


Great Stop Before Leaving

Thailand is one of the biggest destinations for tourism which means tourists fly in and out at all hours of the day. This is where getting a massage is perfect before you leave back to your country or to an island in Thailand. If it doesn’t seem convenient for you, it is likely that you can find a massage parlor at all airports. It is recommended to get a massage before getting on a flight to have your muscles and body really relaxed.

 Benefits of Couple Massages in Bangkok


Encourages Intimacy

As mentioned in the beginning that a couple of massages is a must-experience for all people, the reason why you should be getting a massage with your partner is that it encourages intimacy. Not only that you go around the city exploring for massage parlors, but you also spend time together and get to do activities together like being in the same room and getting a massage, showering together, having tea at the massage parlor, and more. 

 Benefits of Couple Massages in Bangkok


Great Bonding Experience

Since the massage will be just the two of you, this will be a great opportunity for the couple to have a bonding experience and quality time together. If you both had a long day at work or are just tired from exploring the city/country, then you can relax and spend time together intimately.


At Loft Thai Spa, we have licensed and trained therapists who are ready to provide a couple of massage packages to all couples. Our facilities and environment will create a good atmosphere for the couples to have a great quality time together.