Couple Indulgence Package at Loft Thai Spa Bangkok

Couple Indulgence Package at Loft Thai Spa Bangkok

Everyone is aware of the health benefits of treating oneself to a spa day occasionally. It's a fantastic opportunity to unwind and reduce stress. In addition to helping people relax, massage has many positive effects on the body, mind, and spirit. Among them are easing pain, promoting sleep, easing muscle tension, and boosting the lymphatic system.

A quality massage is also advantageous to a relationship. It can be found in the couple's massage bundle. The experience is two-person, as the name suggests. A couple's massage is when two persons receive massages from two massage therapists at the same time, on two massage tables.

You get a fantastic chance to spend quality time with your sweetheart by getting a couple's massage. Compared to your adolescent years, being an adult is not that enjoyable. Your days are busy, occupied with work, taking care of the family, paying the bills, etc. Due to all of these obligations and more, it is only reasonable that you and your partner might not have time for yourself.

But you can take a "little vacation" for an hour or two with your special someone. You and your partner can spend some quality time together while being pampered just by going to the spa together and getting massages in the same room.

Couple Indulgence Package at Loft Thai Spa Bangkok

Couples massage helps couples reconnect, which is one of its related advantages. When you have too many things vying for your attention, it is quite simple to become estranged from your partner. It might originate from the present, the past, or even the future. Many people get so busy that they hardly ever interact with their partners.

When things in the partnership haven't been going well, this is extremely crucial. This can reduce stress between the two of you because of the relaxation effects. Additionally, you can discuss this experience for weeks, whereas a dinner date night would not keep your attention for that long.

Sometimes being in a relationship can be stressful. And when this stress accumulates, you are compelled to release it on the person who is closest to you—your partner. A couple's massage, however, offers the ideal outlet for that stress to disappear.

In addition, f you and your partner have a disagreement, talking it out after a relaxing massage will help you both relax and sit quietly. Instead of arguing restlessly while under stress, you can then talk and listen to each other. All it takes is a single spa day for a quick getaway. Compared to a real vacation, it is less expensive.

The body releases hormones more easily after a massage. The good news is that it is the hormones that make you feel wonderful coming out. Dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin are three of these chemicals that are linked to pleasure. They support blood flow, sleep, digesting pain, and emotional well-being.

Couple Indulgence Package at Loft Thai Spa Bangkok

On the other hand, serotonin assists with mood stabilization and positive emotions. It permits communication between brain cells and other cells of the body's nervous system. Depression and anxiety can be brought on by a shortage of this hormone. Finally, oxytocin is associated with sexual activity, feelings of trust, and empathy. The love hormone is another name for it.

Couples massages support your emotional well-being as well as your individual physical and mental wellbeing. Depression, anxiety, and fatigue decrease are a few of these health advantages. A massage also promotes better circulation by increasing blood flow to the body's joints. Additionally, getting a massage might help you stand taller, which boosts your confidence.

Couple Indulgence Package at Loft Thai Spa Bangkok


We at Loft Thai Spa are offering couples a 3-hour session of our Couple Indulgence Package, which is a once-in-a-lifetime romantic experience in Bangkok. Couples who are visiting Thailand for their honeymoon are advised to take advantage of this package in order to strengthen their intimacy and get to know one another better. Our therapists place you in a spotless tropical haven to create the mood for you to be pampered by our skilled and certified experts in an opulent manner. The following can be obtained from a complete three-hour session:

  • Floral Foot Bath - The therapist will apply flowers and herbs they've collected in a wash bowl to your feet to create a calming effect.
  • Body Scrub or Wrap - A common method to get smooth skin and a soothing feeling is to scrub or wrap the body with Loft Thai's award-winning organic body scrub material.
  • Aromatherapy Oil Massage - Then the therapist will diffuse some essential oils in the space to create a calming environment for the client. The therapist will next do an aroma oil massage to enhance the experience while the room is filled with essential oil.
  • Intensive Facial Treatment by Aesop - As a continuation of the message, a special method will be used on the client's face with Aesop products.
  • Private Foot Massage - Similar to the flowery foot bath, the therapists will give a thorough foot massage to loosen up the foot's muscles and joints and reduce stress and pain.
  • Refreshments & Kusmi Tea Selection - The treatment will then conclude with the customers receiving refreshments or drinks, with all the body's muscles and joints in a relaxed state.