Essence of Cannabis Oil at Loft Thai Spa in Bangkok

Marijuana is used in the Thai massage profession in addition to being used medically. Due to marijuana qualities, it can aid in reducing wound inflammation and discomfort. This also aids in reducing edema since it prevents the development of cancer cells.

Cannabis oil, often known as CBD, is receiving a lot of attention in the medical community, and for good reason. The cannabis derivative is available in a number of forms, including CBD hemp oil, which is applied during the massage. Your body and the systems that control pain, stress, food, sleep, and other things interact with it. It can therefore have a variety of favorable effects on your health. It provides a plethora of advantages when applied topically, much like with massage, without producing the "high" that some people choose to avoid.

Essence of Cannabis Oil at Loft Thai Spa in Bangkok

The numerous health advantages of CBD are combined with the calming effects and health advantages of massage therapy when CBD mixes and oils are used. The benefits of a deep-tissue CBD oil massage include deep relaxation, fascia and muscle release, injury therapy, pain alleviation, skin hydration, and more. A holistic method of treating your body and mind, CBD Oil massage combines nature's solution with expert Thai Massage techniques.

In order to help with muscle pain reduction while massaging, cannabis is therefore chosen to be used in the form of cannabis oil. As you are already aware, our Thai massage involves pressing, highlighting, and kneading the muscles, which makes me feel sore all over my body afterward.

There are several advantages to "cannabis", but before we begin the massage, we are aware of the distinctions and necessary components to make the best massage choices.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), two of the most significant and well-known substances currently on the market, are both present in hemp oil. Overdosing on CBD causes tolerance to the drug, which leads to higher dosages to get the same effect, and addiction to CBD, which counteracts the high and psychoactive effects of THC. Study CBD's application. 

Essence of Cannabis Oil at Loft Thai Spa in Bangkok

THC is now categorized by the World Health Organization as a Category 1 narcotic substance, meaning it has the potential to be addicted and misused. However, CBD is regarded as non-addictive in the cannabis plant and has medical advantages. The maximum amount of THC permitted in products containing cannabis and hemp extracts is 0.2%. Additionally, the final product's CBD content must not go over 1% and must have the necessary warnings.

For people with aching muscles, Loft Thai Spa has organized a CBD Oil package in Thailand using locally produced, organically grown, non-GMO CBD products. The THC content in our cannabis oil products, including 0.2%, is guaranteed. Come in and purchase your essential goods for Bangkok CBD Hardware at Loft Thai Spa for your health if you have any queries about this treatment.